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Consulting Services

ATH Consulting Group

There is great interest by foreign companies to invest in China due to the attractiveness of her market and the potential development of it. There are great opportunities in setting up relationships to export consumer goods to other countries as well. The negative global investment environment accentuates the opportunities in China. While other nations show negative growth, China averages at 7% GDP annually for the past several years. The time is right to explore the opportunities in the (PRC) People’s Republic of China and our firm is the right choice to guide you thought the perils. Our associates are localized and specialists in their related fields, which our competitors may not offer.

ATH Consulting Group. is a consulting firm servicing small and medium-sized businesses, and other organizations with interest in entering the China Market. We can provide our clients with a range of service offerings that combine industry specific data & business strategy and technology implementation. During fiscal year 2006, ATH Consulting Group, plans to provide consulting services to three industry groups, including consumer markets, financial services and real estate development.

Many of our potential clients may not have the capital or resources available to devote to initial market research compared to their larger competitors. We offer such clients the opportunity to investigate these markets with minimal capital expenditure. When and if further investment is determined, we offer industry specific strategy consulting.

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